SUN RIDER TRADING.LTD is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City,

Guicheng Science Park, covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, is

specialized in producing lighting products. Founded in August 1996 and has nearly a

decade old. After a decade of sustained development, the company has established and

improved a set of modern enterprise management system.

       Companies with new product design, mold design and processing, hardware,

processing (including stamping, spinning, polishing, spraying and other processes) and

assembly capabilities. Indoor lighting products to hardware-based, with table lamp,

floor lamp, wall lamp, pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, embedded lights and other series,

as well as LED commercial lighting products, has LED Cabinet Lights, LED Downlights,

LED track lights, LED wall lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED garden light, LED ceiling lamp

(lamp), and so a variety of series.

       In product development areas: a strong and stable R & D team, the existing R &

D more than 10 people; new product development cycle is short, excellent performance,

low cost, high R & D success. Companies in the logistics field: The ERP system;

handling and storage areas, people with knowledge of modern logistics management team

and skilled porters. In manufacturing: a group of outstanding with the production site

management and lean production management theory and practice of the management team

and stable, skilled workers.

      Quality control in the field: a set of perfect quality assurance system, with

advanced process control means to monitor the product to ensure the consistency of CCC

certified products; control of hazardous substances in the field: a set of

comprehensive Hazardous Substance Process Management System from supply chain

management and internal control both the product and process control of hazardous

substances; all products have passed the SEMKO, CUL, ETL, SAA, CCC and other security

In pursuit of sustainable development, emphasis on social responsibility and working

conditions improved. The company covers an area of green space one-third of the total;

wastewater, waste gas purification facilities and other established monitoring system,

the acceptance by the environmental protection department; long-term pay close

attention to labor safety and labor protection, the South China Sea area six pilot

units of the National Security .

       Company is committed to overseas and domestic market development, product

coverage in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia more than 30 countries and

Stable quality, reasonable price, delivery on time, hard service and good social image

of the company's steady growth is a magic weapon and persistent business strategy!

Company staff adhering to the "safety, environmental protection, innovation, improve

the" quality / HSF approach to meet customer needs and achieve customer value

responsibility, advocates customers, employees, partners form a community of interests

between, in order to develop innovation and excellence spirit to provide customers

with excellent products.
Yun Lu would like to sync with the human civilization, the world is willing to win

honor luster!