General Manager Speech


 I have two children, but I always treat Sunrider as my third.

 In 1996, I started Sunrider from scratched and worked from day to night everyday, working out every single detail by myself. I knew every department, every product, every employee and every step of the process by heart.

 I hope my children would be honest people who can stand on their own. I hope they can treat everything with diligence and take responsibilities for their actions. I also hope they would be healthy and kind. I treat Sunrider and her development with the same expectations. I expect Sunrider to do what she is supposed to do and not fantasize about anything, not to be dependent on anyone,  not to take short cuts doing anything but do things keeping in mind that quality should have priority over quantity and speed.

 Running a business reflects who you are. I have always kept in mind of my morals: being honest, being modest, being thankful and being able to think in other people’s shoes. From the start till now, we have always strived to be on time for: paying the salaries of the employees, paying the suppliers and shipping the products. In our eyes, there are three most important people, our staff, our suppliers and our customers. When being posed the question of “What products does Sunrider produce? LED Lighting? Lighting Accessories?” I answer that our best products are our employees. Good employees are the essential foundation that a company must rely on, and ensure that Sunrider is on the right track. Our staff can confidently guarantee the best service to our customers.